Episode 58 of the Sultans of Shadilay Podcast.

Catch the stream live at one of the locations below. Odysee Stream continues after the YouTube stream ends with all the content Susan doesn’t want you to see.


Episode 58 of the Sultans of Shadilay Podcast.

The Sultans of Shadilay podcast is live every Saturday at 2PM London Time.

Simulcasting at https://odysee.com/@SultansofShadilay:2 including the bits Susan won’t let you see on YouTube.

Thanks to our hosts and guests including: @Bezek, @Trym’s Art Shack , @Discordia 3052, @Ardent Pardy, & @Based Ape.

Join Bezek, Trym, & Discordia for gaming over at https://www.twitch.tv/bezek1000

Hang out with us in our Discord: https://discord.gg/ETqZzf9P2X\

Our website: https://sultansofshadilay.com

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The Sultans theme is graciously composed and provided by @The Stoa Group.


General News
Shinzo Abe Assassination
California Sucks
Nonce Watch
The Boog World Order
Stupidest Anti Mask “Argument”

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