It’s that time of year again, when everything around us starts to turn rainbow coloured, because how else would everyone know that we’re all good virtuous people if we didn’t paint rainbows on everything? And not just boring old rainbows, oh no, whatever new more inclusive & more accepting version has been released this month.

That’s right, it’s pride season.

A time for brands to dust off their rainbow coloured logos, plaster them all over their twitter profiles, and release a statement about how their brand is “for everyone”; or risk a month of harassment for their poor social media manager. A time for schools to arrange pride parades for our children to attend, whether you as a parent like it or not; and a time for councils to waste taxpayer money painting multicoloured eyesores all over the roads. 

A Rainbow Logo for everything

Reading Council’s newly painted crossing

If you, like many sane people, take any concern with these poorly thought-out virtue signals —  like for example, that the visually impaired and their service animals struggle to understand these strange road markings —  you can expect to be promptly set upon by one of the rainbow warriors or their allies. They will be sure to inform you that you are, of course, just a bigot for bringing up concerns of a group that aren’t the LGBTQ+, Or indeed a bully for concerning yourself with what they teach your kids in school, should shut up, go away, and preferably be removed from society. 

Earlier this week, I was met with another altercation with yet another one of these such warriors. Which went about as you would expect; attack, call bigot, threaten to call employer; block. Once the laughter had subsided from the thought of ‘she/her’ attempting to call my employer — being one of the few lucky enough to not have to worry about such a threat  I was left pondering about the mindset of these people, and how willful ignorance & being so self absorbed must have them truly puzzled as to how we got here.

It was not very long ago that most people did not care if you were gay, trans, bisexual, liked to dress in drag, or whatever. In fact, many well loved celebrities were just that and loved by the public. Raw in my mind still is the late Paul O’Grady, who was both gay, and the famous drag queen Lily Savage; both household names from 30 years ago. 

During the day, you’d see Paul, the lovable comedian who doted on his dogs. While later in the evening you might see him as Lily, hosting cheekier content. And let’s not forget such huge names as Freddy Mercury, Stephen Fry, and Elton John. Gay men, loved by the public.

The Lily Savage Show

Blankety Blank game show

This might lead us to wonder, when and why did we all suddenly decide to become the LGBTQ+ hating bigots we are accused of being now. How did we go from loving these household names, to practically genociding these groups with our lack of rainbows? 

It could be that we all held a secret bigotry meeting sometime in 2015, had a vote, and decided to hate these people for no reason what-so-ever. Perhaps I just missed my invite to that meeting being too busy realising my internalised misogyny during gamergate. This can be the only logical conclusion for some of our less logically gifted left-leaning counterparts, there simply cannot be any other explanation as to why you would level any critique towards the movement, other than that you are simply a bigot who hates LGBTQ+ people. 

It might therefore blow their minds to learn that we don’t actually hate gay people, trans people, or anyone else just trying to live their lives, as in reality we never did. What we hate is the activists and their behavior, the pronoun brandishing warriors who will proclaim themselves loving and empathetic while trampling all over the rights and freedoms of other people, all in the name of feelings.

When you tell me that blind people can simply find another crossing if their dog is confused by the eyesore you’ve painted on the road, because someone you know uses gender neutral pronouns, you do not soften me to your cause. In fact, you make me see it in a very ugly light.

When I see new NHS guidance released stating that women, including grandmothers with dementia, must not complain when they request a woman for an intimate examination, and are sent a biological male. And that if grandma doesn’t like it she can be removed without care. That does not soften me to your cause, it makes me believe that you might just be genuinely evil.

Or when my heart breaks for a young de-transitioner swept up in the movement before having the life experience to question it, as they cry about being mutilated and sterilized. Before they’ve even had a chance to experience life as an adult, and I watch you try to silence them from telling their story so that other kids might be spared the same. That does NOT soften me to your cause. It makes me certain that you are genuinely evil.

You see, it is not gay people, or trans people, or anybody else you’ve scooped into your movement’s tag that we hate, our feelings for them have not changed. It is your actions as a movement, and the uncaring narcissism of the individuals who champion it. It’s the constant pushing of people’s personal, family, and religious boundaries and threatening anyone who disagrees that has the effect of pushing people further from your cause.

Unfortunately, it will be those groups you hide behind, that you speak and screech on behalf of most of whom actually just want to be left alone who will bear the brunt of the backlash when it comes. And it will come, and I think that’s what you might deserve my hate for most of all.

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1 thought on “How We All Suddenly Became Bigots”
  1. To paraphrase a remark from one Carl Benjamin I think it was. “Two World Wars and all they get each is one day. 75 million dead, two days. What’s your sex? Gay? Oh, you get a whole month for being so brave.”
    The men, yes men, who did the bombing runs in Operation Chastise, May 1943, in the dark over Nazi held Europe were brave. Likewise, a hundred other cases from less than a hundred years ago were brave. The preachers, enforcers and bullies of the faith & cause they bleat for a bunch of people who don’t need them & are accepted by normal folk. Manipulative, weakly cowards the lot of them.
    One day a reckoning will come for them. And it is up to us to make sure they pay for their deeds. Not the innocents they shield behind and preach.

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