Many people forget that the Bible is Asian in origin. As such, there is a ninja hidden in every Christmas creche, and no- of course, you can’t see them; it’s a friggin’ NINJA!

But what many don’t understand is that the Three Wise Men were rich fellows, Kings of Orient, after all, wealthy all-but-beyond measure and so were able to hire the greatest assassins of all as protectors and sentinels to guard their voyage to Bethlehem.

In response to their offered contract, the ninja clans of Ancient Japan held a competition to find the greatest warrior amongst their number. This singular fellow was sent across much of the Known – and a significant chunk of the Unknown – World to join their journey and became the fourth of the Gifts of the Magi to the newborn Messiah.

And so – even though you never see him – there is, in fact, a shadow warrior of Old Nippon – invisible, ever watchful over the babies born under the Christmas stars still.

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  1. Drunk. In 5 minutes and completely made up? Bloody Japs get in everywhere with their Anime, Manga and writing.

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