So I just unsubbed and softblocked a youtuber I’ve followed for 3 years.
A chick who did pretty good Transformers Prime analysis videos, in depth and pretty well spoken, if not a bit fangirly in some parts, but hey that has its charms too.
However a year ago she started transitioning which also killed her voice, but I kinda ignored that as much as I could and just watched the videos cause they where still good content, back then.
However what is worse is not her constant simping for Starscream (the biggest backstabber and compulsive liar in Transformers history) but how she, as of late, has begun to force word-soup ideology into her videos about the Autonomous Robotic Organisms we call the Transformers

Unfortunately over the months it has become harder and harder to ignore or just wave it away.
What made me realize how deep into the intersectional rabbit hole she has fallen and subsequently cut her out off my feed was simply the latest video she posted.
(I know I should say “he” by British law, but fuck that I am not subjugated by the Isle of Bundle’O’Stickery nor am I a filthy commie, I will call her whatever I want so bite my fat ass commie faggots!)
“Why Transformers are Word-Soup”
The thumbnail is rainbows and IDW images of the completely naturally gay and totally-not-forced-for-diversity-points TRANSformers that they started vomiting out for the sake of completely-legit inclusion, with the caption within the thumbnail proclaiming in all it’s faggoty glory “Why they cannot logically be straight”
Or as I read it “tRaNsFoRmErS aRe fAgGoTs aNd FuCk YoU fOr ThInKiNg OtHeRwIsE!”
So vibrant and brave, truly this is not an opinion piece forged from an ideological infection, she swears.

The video that flooded the glass and set off the topic, not exactly what you wanna call subtle or open for discussion is it!?

Now you might ask “Trym why are you reacting like a raging fanboy?” to which I will answer “I am just that!”
Let me make this clear, Transformers are robots, living machines, all born from the same source.
Essentially making them all brothers and sisters.
Sexual romance is not only a physical impossibility on account of them being made from metal and animated by a magical super energy which is the life blood of Robot-Planet-God (aka. Primus), but also an immorality since every couple would be an incestuous affair.

But still we got Elita-1 and Prime in the G1 and ever since we have been given couples in Transformers (some good and a lot of bad) why is romance and sexuality what’s truly impossible for transformers is that they have zero biological imperative nor capability for sexual reproduction.
They reproduce by pumping machines full of energon (plot device energy), finding random glowing spheres and inserting them into premade bodies or having a magic-space-crystal-ball-and/or-cube zap life into any available mechanical thingy.
Hell, in one story from the 90’s they reproduced by mitosis, a surge of energy erupts from the “parent” and from their chest a humanoid silhouette of liquid metal erupts forth as both scream in agony.

Honestly, this is the closest to biological reproduction they could ever get.

Platonic love on the other hand is not just a possibility (its actually essential for a lot of the stories through out the different series) as brotherly and sisterly love is what drives a lot of the narratives in the different sagas.

Arcee and Cliffjumper in Prime, a series-long narrative of the loss of a family member and having to tackle the subsequent problems and moral dilemmas that arise on the battlefield.

Dinobot and Ratrap in Beast Wars, how two former enemies develop a brotherhood after centuries of warfare and hardships, with insults and jabs becoming banter and well meaning quips.

Orion Pax and Megatronus in almost every series, this is basically the starting point of the Great War in almost every single iteration of transformers to date, two friends whom consider each to be the others brother ends up becoming the worst of enemies because of their path to their shared dream is polar opposites!

But romance?

Attraction with a sex drive is as retarded for Transformers as changing oil is for the human body!
I have heavily disliked couples and romances in transformers since I discovered them and I have never seen a couple (no matter how much I liked or disliked the individual pairing) that didn’t make the back of my head go “Why do they even do this? They don’t have genitals or any need for this type of connection! What is the damn point?”
This is probably because of the, honestly ridiculously short sighted idea that in the 80’s and 90’s was “A man and woman cannot be really close friends, they must be RoMaNtIc”
Which in today’s era is replaced by “A pair of men and/or women cannot be really close friends, they must be RoMaNtIc”
This is BS that does nothing but raise inane questions that has nothing to do with anything salient, but rather just pander to faggotry and retardation, while pissing on the grave and insolently flipping the bird to the core fans who made the franchises what they are!
Call me petty if you want, I don’t care if you do, I am just sick of what this ALWAYS leads to every single god-forsaken time.
The constant rot and decline of a beloved franchise, another scalp on the wall of the intersectionals in their eternal crusade to shove rainbows and faggotry into the throats of every man, woman and child on the face of the Earth, (or in this case Cybertron)
If there is one message you should take from this, Gate Keep!
Gate Keep as if your fandoms and hobbies are on the line!

Because, in all honesty, they truly are!

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1 thought on “SEXUALITY IN TRANSFORMERS (and just how asinine it is)”
  1. I’ve never been much into Transformers. But the little I do know flies in the face/logic of the latest iterations of Transformers.
    Along with Warhammer, Star Wars, Magic the Gathering & now BattleTech. Is really another classic case of the the reason, not gatekeeping leads to cancer.
    Certainly would be nice to have a hobby that had lead-shielding.

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