I will attempt to take one last swing at feminism

Ah feminism. Yes, I am aware feminists are all fat and ugly, yes I’m aware they have the self awareness of an expired turnip. It is a beaten horse of an argument. Nevertheless I’d like to take one more crack at the beaten bastard before it turns to glue.

Feminism has become a clown car for a rainbow coalition of all kinds of wacky shite in recent years. It’s gone wildly off the rails entirely and it’s now farming mushrooms with a legion of imps, high off their balls, which coincidentally leads me to my metaphor:

Feminism, is a diseased riddled drug.

There’s a remarkable similarity between the behaviour of someone who’s high, and the mindset of a feminist female. Think of your average drug riddled human when they are coked off their tits. What would be some classic behavioural characteristics? They have an inflated ego, an overestimated sense of their own abilities and a wildly inappropriate view of reality. Your militant feminist types has all of these traits, and in fucking spades to boot. Now as is the case with long term use, you have a spoiled youth and aging poorly, loneliness as you become more despondent and the only ones who will associate with you are other drug users, or in this case, other feminists, because misery loves company. Sound similar now?

Don’t worry I’ve not forgotten the diseased part. I’m sure you’re familiar with the phrase “ red flags “. When it comes to feminism, the red flags have been replaced by flashing red lights, akin to that of a fucking airport runway, something which feminists ignore at their own peril. The body is desperately trying to purge the disease from itself. It’s a threat not only to sanity, health and reason, but it’s also antithetical to the biological function of a female body. Feminists seem to be confused as to why they are glossy eyed and teary when in the presence of a new born baby. They seem to be utterly stumped as to why they are sexually attracted to a 6ft tall opinionated male with a strong chest and a deep voice. Oh I don’t know, maybe because your tingling vagina and soaked underwear is trying to tell you something you deluded idiot, and that ” something “ is a desire to breed and produce offspring with a genetically impressive male specimen.. Well either that or see if he can make your eye roll into the back of your skull and cry God. Point is, you can kick and scream as much as you want, but you can’t fight biology feminists, it is a battle that you’re most certainly, destined to lose.

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