We take a closer look at some alternatives

If you’ve ever had the unfortunate displeasure of hearing a progressive ramble about their worldview, well you have my deepest sympathies. I find it rather amusing that group of youngins who have virtually no experience of the real world and no historical knowledge, dare have the retarded brass balls of an opinion that absolutely fucking everything that is wrong about our modern world is somehow the fault of colonisation.

Now seeing as I have intellectual capacities beyond that of a garden slug, I do not share their ill-informed sentiments. I have queries some of my own, specifically with regards to economic impact and culture advancement. Yes, I am aware that a progressive knows as much about economic theory as Isaac Newton knew about dropping acid, but let us entertain the thought for a few minutes.

Suppose we ask a progressive ( we might need acid ourselves to endure this ), what they would advise the destitute nations of the world to do in order to increase their wealth and productivity to the standards of the West. You know the West, which they loath to live in, claim is so awful and oppressive, meanwhile they have never lived in, visited or even seen any non Westernised nations.. and seemingly have no intention to fuck off to one either.

Moving along, while we look at some options..

First and foremost, colonisation is off the table. To progressives, colonialism was an unspeakable act of evil. It is simply exploitation of the natives and ” their ” resources, imperialistic genocide. Wicked white man evil all around.

It must be nice to live in such a simplistic world where ignorant stupidity elevates you into a blissful world of virtuous benevolence. Back down in the real world however, I’d like to continue with the observations if I may?

Firstly, the colonial powers of Europe did not employ a universal colonisation strategy, a fact that unsurprisingly, sails right past the progressives seeing as they are historically ignorant mongoloids who know nothing about the subject. One would think it’d be common sense to anyone that countries separated by thousands of miles of territory, countries that are at war with each other, not to mention ones that don’t speak the same fucking language, might develop and employ different forms of ethics and political philosophies over the course of several generations as they expand their empires. If you want a deeper dive into an example of this, try reading James Robinson’s ” Why Nations Fail “. It gives a good historical account of why the Spanish speaking world is corrupt as bollocks, and why the English speaking world is prosperous.

A while ago I came across a video of an Englishman walking through some shopping district in India. One of the locals greets him, shakes his and and asks ” Where from? “. The Englishman replies ” England “, to which the Indian chap says ” Oh, stay here rule again “.

I’m fully aware this is anecdotal but there is a lot to unpack in this little exchange, and it does make me curious about something.

What the hell makes progressives think the ” natives ” of other lands, or the leaders of the neighbouring territories that conquered and reconquered the lands over the course of several centuries were actually, fair and competent rulers by whatever standards the progressives, deem ” fair ” ? Were all conquered people treated with gracious human dignity? Only a colossal fuckwit would think so. Progressives who constantly bitch about things like income inequality and systemic oppression of minority groups or females, are seemingly clueless to other cultures using feudal economics, slavery, serfdom or a caste system!? Should these people try adopting a Western value or practice that would diminish some of the disparities between groups, progressive would say they are ” succumbing to white supremacy “, meanwhile they advocate for an ideology based on the teaching of a German philosopher who had some colourful takes on the Negros and the Jews…

Again, moving along..

Next up, we have doing nothing, the isolationist view. If you’ve ever read the likes of Thomas Sowell, you’ll learn about the geographic limitations of certain groups. The terrain variation, the weather, the soil quality, the native animals, natural resources for example, all play roles in determining what kind of industries have the potential to develop in a region. Sub-Saharan Africans for example, are surrounded by an enormous dessert to the North, and oceans to the South, East and West. Next to the Aborigines in Australia, they are the most isolated group of humans on the planet. If humans have no other cultures to interact with, they simply don’t develop as much. It is one of the main reasons cultural practices remain stagnant over time. Turns out if you don’t interact with the technologically superior cultures for several damn centuries you might lag behind in things like literature, science, philosophy and construction, who fucking knew?

And last up we have simply giving groups superior technology. Despite the stupidity of progressives and their blank slate theory shite, this one will not suffice. People do not take to new technology like a fish thrown back into water, uprooting their cultural practices and ways of life, especially when there is no practical reason for them to do so. Not only that, they will likely be weary of freshly encountered strangers who give them new things they don’t understand, and good luck communicating with them how and why they need it, providing they don’t attack you first..

There is a reason I went through all of this. Despite all the progressives screeching to the high heavens that colonialism is a wicked sin of white man evil, there is a substantial overlap between the progressives and the Spanish Conquistadors who colonised South America. Here is an extract from ” Why Nations Fail “:

” The Spanish strategy of colonization was highly effective. First perfected by Cortes in Mexico, it was based on the observation that the best way for the Spanish to subdue opposition was to capture the indigenous leader. This strategy enabled the Spanish to claim the accumulated wealth of the leader and coerce the indigenous peoples to give tribute and food. The next step was setting themselves up as the new elite of the indigenous society and taking control of the existing methods of taxation, tribute and particularly, forced labour. “

So, not caring for the native population, they would usurp them, install fellow Spaniards as the new rulers, extract the lands wealth, distribute it amongst themselves, chastise and enslave the lesser beings who don’t adhere to their new form of ethic, and destroying much of the literature of the native inhabitants.Lets compare that to the modern day progressives in a nutshell: White man evil, more diversity is needed in the institutions, tax the rich, income inequality, censoring news and opinions, and if you don’t agree with us you’re a racist, sexist bigot and you will be shunned, scorned and ostracised from society.It’s quite ironic, one of the first to speak out against the inhumane treatment by the Spanish colonialists, was a Dominican priest by the name of Bartolome De Las Casas, and looking now at our own timeline, we’re witnessing the re-emergence of traditional Christian values across the European and Western nations, providing a powerful push back against the Progressive narrative..

Sound familiar?

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