White liberals think they are better than you, and they hate you for it.

One of the more insightful lessons one can learn around political philosophy, is how to decipher the tricks around linguistic propaganda. We as humans naturally respond better to perceived positivity, as a result you’ll find ample examples of so called ” flowery rhetoric ” in all manner of things concerning the political class, in particular with the naming of bills. Ones like the ” The Patriot Act ” and the ” Equality and Fairness Act “, after all who would be against fairness? It’s a technique I like to call ” Headline Hoodwinking “. You see the name and you give it no mind. But it’s also wormed it’s way into the mainstream, with phrases like ” cultural diversity and inclusivity “.

If there is one phrase that has gotten an insane amount of traction for absolutely vacuous reasons, this one would certainly take the cake. It’s a rather pernicious phrase considering the class of person who mindlessly wields it. It implies that a range of thoughts and ideas are welcomed, with open arms even. Despite the sea of colourful faces who are in favour of this, you’ll notice they all think exactly the same thing. A single uttering of disagreement with them will set them off, firing off a barrage of racial epithets, the likes of which would give LBJ a hard on with enough force to knock fucking nails into a wall. It’s an absolute facade. They are for the appearance of diversity, and fuck all else. Devoid of all substance and meaning. Ironic how these people who argue for a cult like devotion to progressive ideology, will cast scorn upon the opposite end of the political spectrum if they also profess to unify among a core set of values, namely American Constitutionalism. The advocates for cultural diversity will funnily enough, dismiss the cultural diversity of an entire continent of people based purely on their similar melanin count. ( I just assume because leftists do not understand ” fuck off ” in any European languages ). Because as we all know, Germany’s disputes in the early 1930s were just some colourful disagreements about fiscal responsibility to the rest of Europe, but I digress.

America has become a joke. It’s education system is a farce, a hollow shell of its former self. The average American college student is thick as a plank, and clueless of any real history or philosophy. Look on the internet, you can find scores of ignorant college kids who display proudly the stupidity that gives us Europeans credence as to why we think of the Yanks as clueless idiots. Lately, Western Academia has more openly ramped up the inversion, and decided to impart into its empty headed university attending ilk the idea of collective white guilt. The idea that the world has never done wrong, and Europe has never done anything right. That before the Europeans set sail around the world there was never any famine, war, pestilence, or conquest of any kind. That colonisation was simply imperialistic genocide.

This marxist horseshit has thus given birth to the white liberal, an obsequious little tyke with absolutely no ideas of their own, no knowledge of history yet drips with white savourism to the point where their condescending arrogance pisses off, literally everyone. It pisses off minorities by suggesting without the benevolent white man they are forever doomed to mediocrity and failure and it pisses off white people because the liberals appeasement makes them look soft hearted and weak.

( Which, come to think of it, if these people actually believe all of European history is so awful and useless, what in the hell makes them think they are so uniquely qualified to come to every minorities rescue? )

Folks the Chinese have banned feminism, and the frog munching tosspot of France, Macron has 20 retired generals breathing down his neck, threatening to kick his spineless ass, and we are over here talking about critical race theory…

Now thanks to these appeasing morons we’re seeing the destruction of private property, the rule of law, and a collective downward spiral where meritocracy is dropping faster than AOCs IQ, so thank you white liberals, thank you for ruining everything.

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