A closer look at black habits.

Some time ago I was watching a bunch of black ladies discuss why you don’t see successful black men with black women. Now these weren’t multi millionaire ladies themselves, but they were using the most influential members of the black celebrity class as their examples, so actors, musicians and athletes.

On the one hand, to me at least, the fact that these women would go out of their way to tell the world that this issue actually bothers them, makes them look absolutely pathetic. Of all the issues in the world, this is the one that they feel is somehow worthy of a discussion? Yet strangely on the other hand, they look obscenely arrogant, with a massively overvalued sense of their self worth if they think these elite men give an ounce of a fuck what the regular public think of their wives or girlfriends. ( Hundreds of women on Le Bron James’ kids’ Instagram complained that he doesn’t like dark skinned black women.. he is 15. No I’m not making this up, this actually happened. )

As is usually the case if you’ve seen a discussion like this before, actual potential reasons for such disparities sails merrily over their heads, while they try and obfuscate the problem to damn near anything, but themselves. Do they mention culture, class, or attitude? Of course not, they are too busy talking about white society and the “ European standard of beauty “.

Allow me to elaborate, why that is a total crock of shit. Look at the out of wedlock birth rates among the black community in the United States. Roughly 75% of black children in the US are born to unwed mothers, that’s 25% more than the next group ( Latinos ), and almost 3 times the amount compared to whites. Considering whites outnumber blacks roughly 5 to 1, that, is the alarming disparity that should merit a damn discussion. But that problem involves personal responsibility, so fuck ever discussing that issue, who the hell wants to hear that? As such, looking at that birth rate, a lack of sexual attraction to black women is evidently not the fucking problem. A wise man once said “ Looks draw you in, personality makes you stay “. With black women it’s ” Looks draw you in, personality makes you fuck off “. By the way I am the wise man of that phrase, it’s a good one too. Feel free to use it.

But let’s take a deeper look as to why this might cause said disparity. Think of how this would impact the raising of children. The black community is overwhelmingly matriarchal and single motherhood is the norm. How might this impact a boy and a girl raised in this environment?

A girl will notice there are no men, all the power is held by the females. Naturally she will assume the aggressive matriarchal role, because that is all their environment shows. Her ideas of “ masculinity ” are likely going to be completely fabricated by the next biggest influence of their ilk.. black culture, which glorifies drugs, sexual promiscuity and violence.

The boys will have no idea of their role in a civilised society, because they don’t live in a civilised society. There’s no healthy examples of male leadership in their communities and if there is, it’s not one that’s going to take hold. That particular brand of responsible adult behaviour is not conducive to “ success ” in that environment, so black women will not gravitate to that. This is perhaps why the women gravitate to the elite of their culture, despite the massive gap in attained success, there is a sense of familiarity to it.

But consider the lack of good examples just mentioned, the single motherhood issue. Why would a black male and female raised in this environment, form a stable relationship? They’ve had no example of it’s success, hell they don’t even have a reason for it’s existence let alone how and why it’s suppose to function!

Now the answer as to why successful black men don’t choose black women becomes a little less puzzling, and more glaringly bloody obvious. If a successful black gentleman managed to work himself away from this environment, if he has managed to attain a certain level of wealth and status, why on earth would he choose an overbearing matriarchal archetype? He’s got a wider array of much better options, and will naturally choose a female that will be more adept at playing the submissive, nurturing role. He will look for a mate that had her father around, who knows the traditional roles that a male and female play in the dynamic of a stable healthy relationship. He will seek out a mate that let’s him be the leader, and the majority of black women simply have no idea how to play that role.

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