The road to hell..

Something I would like to discuss that generally puzzles me as one of the main troublesome forces of current society, is the insidious movement of the hands that weave their way through the interconnected networks of the public sector.

Among the many older intellectuals you will stumble across if you’ve even briefly dipped a toe into political philosophy over the last century, will be the works of Ayn Rand. If not directly, her views on self interest will undoubtedly crop up somewhere in your journey.

Her concepts however, refer to ” rational self interest “, and when you mix in the increasingly bloated bureaucracy of the state, the morality ” self interest ” begins to blur into a grey murky mess.

I’m reminded of Thomas Sowell, who’s job at the US Department of Labour was to study the effects of the minimum wage. His colleagues however had no such interest, seeing as the increased wage rate was providing a sizeable income of the budget for the Department of Labour. The experience made him realise that the Department of Labour had its own incentives and government is really not the answer.

Power and self interest turns out to be a dangerous recipe for scandalous, immoral behaviour, who knew.

Do learn the following lesson: For the overwhelmingly majority of our history, we’ve lived and fought with people, who looked like us. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. We are ultimately, more divided by class.

Not sure why but a massive portion of black America seems to be utterly incapable of grasping this concept, even as the BLM leader spends 4 million dollars on real estate in white neighbourhoods. Ironic for a woman who’s website states ” we disrupt the Western prescribed nuclear family ” while she spends lavishly on her own family..

Allow me to regale you with a tale.

I recall some time ago, watching two black females having a sit down with James Brown, aka Maxine Waters. And seemingly between the endless rambling of clichés that is common parlour among black democrats, one woman did say 2 things that were interesting.

She openly admitted that black women find it difficult to be open with other black women for fear of being exploited. She could see, that individual incentive will take precedent over the collective. Yet here she was, talking about what the democratic party are doing ( supposedly ) for black people, with Maxine Waters?

I’m dumbfounded how anyone can acknowledge exploitation occurs, but the idea that someone like Maxine Waters, who has more to gain by exploiting that same weakness, would fail to follow suit due to some or other amalgamated reason of racial solidarity? Lunacy. This from a woman who claims to be working alongside Al Sharpton.

This to me indicates either a disturbing level of naivety or a chance to engage in the same power hungry, race baiting style of money laundering the Al Sharpton types are known for. The next few minutes showed which mentality was present.

She went on to say her son became a Trump fan, and asked the panel how to get him to vote for the democrats. Now, never mind the fact she had no intention of engaging with her own offspring about political matters, never mind the despicable evil you’d have to wield to exploit your own child to gain party favour, but if you need to ask other people how to convince someone to vote for a party, that you actively endorse, why in the hell are you voting them?

And this, is how the cycle continues..

But this dynamic does manifests itself in other more insidious forms as well, especially among white liberals.

White liberals do have a particularly nasty brand of racism but, it’s more subtle, condescending. Hiding in plain sight, with a terribly patronising view of non whites.

These ones, they come in two forms: The lower tier foot soldiers, ( the rioters ) and the upper tier power hungry sociopathic types ( democratic politicians ). The lower tier ones are the ones who feel worthless, nothing going on in their lives. Their basic life necessities are met, and so they gravitate towards some idea of a grand crusade, often many. Case and point the many splintered factions of the modern Left. They don’t care about the consequences of the the crusade, that’s not their MO. Their MO is to satisfy some emotional need for power. A task too burdensome to undertake as a solo effort, which is why they feel the need to be part of a collective, a cog in the machine so to speak.

This mentality is also what makes them particularly dangerous. They are easily led and if they can be convinced the crusade is moral and just, they will cause all manner of hell in the name of the crusade. The radical left wing riots over the last few years I imagine would suffice as evidence for this point.

But this is a particularly curious case when it comes to black Americans, because the mechanism that keeps them trapped is pretty sophisticated, give the devil his due.

The upper tier sociopaths, the political elite, have managed to convince the black population that the upper tiers are so necessary, so fundamental to their existence, that they no longer even hold the chains around their neck. The political elite have these blacks trained so well, that they know hold their own chains, and will berate each other if any black individual dare develop a sense of independence and wander off the plantation. This is “ white thinking “, an evil that will get you ostracised in that black community

Notice the ire that the more conservative blacks face when they speak out against this crap, whether its officer Tatum, Larry Elder, Candice Owens, the Hodge Twins, you name them. It’s a tragic case because the problems facing the black community are cultural, not political, it does not require a political solution. Politicians however, will claim to be the solution, only to further exacerbate the problems. The reason for this is simple: Power. The democrats don’t give a damn about these people or any of their issues, all they care about is having a stable power block to tap into when it’s time for voting. That is all they care about. Why would these politicians actually solve the problems they campaign on? There’s no reason for them to do so. These people are earning 6 figure salaries, many unaccountable, untouchable and with a media conglomerate that will likely obfuscate their every ill. So where I ask, is the personal incentive for them do their job?

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